Super bollata di trota! Video bellissimo

Di redazione pubblicato il 13/02/18

Consistent. After posting yesterday's hot rainbow I double checked to ensure I hadn't shared it before. I hadn't, but had share the rainbow from 2 bends below. AJ & I rotate fish, so I had essentially 2 true-right bend tailouts in a row, both requiring a low approach and extremely short line casts with high line speed and a dampened layout on the water. You'd almost swear they were the same engagement for how similar, and that's the point in fly fishing: recognize the similarities in situations and apply previously successful tactics. That simply breeds consistency. While that doesn't guarantee 100% success because of so many other factors at play, it allows us to control what we can, consistently. ????????????

Pubblicato da Dave Jensen su Sabato 11 novembre 2017

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